Throughout my employment with myrecovery we had one goal in mind. How do we make it easy to use our app to help patients recover from surgery?


There were two types of users on the platform. surgeons and patients. The surgeons would be able to track members progress throughout their recovery.


The main goal we were working towards involved creating seamless integrations for private surgeons to manage patients, track appointments and see members recovery throughout time.

Pain management

Depending on the type of surgery, patients will experience various levels of discomfort which varies based on the day. Keeping these scores allows surgeons to keep tabs for pain levels and take actions if needed.

Daily exercises

A key step to recovery is exercise. Built into the app are exercises recommended directly by the surgeon. Usually, these are bespoke depending on their circumstances.

Preparing for surgery

Now I don't mean after the surgery. The application has been designed for ensuring an efficient process before getting to the hospital.

In-app resources

There's various in-app resources which helps reduce confusion. One key problem we noticed with our users is understanding things, and remembering at a later stage. The in-app knowledgebase worked extremely in reducing the number of calls from patients calling assistants.